Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman is a contemporary British-born NYC based graphic designer and artist. He is one of the leading doodle artists, credited for his innovative ‘Doodle’ art style. He doesn’t follow just one art form, his work rather swing between fine art, pop-culture and urban art. The use of humor in his works references and questions the contemporary society.

Born in 1979, in middle of England, Burgerman graduated from The Nottingham Trent University in 2001. He majored in Fine Arts with First Class Honours. His rigorous work as an artist brought him immense success and respect of his contemporaries. In fact, his constant traversing the disciplines of graphic design, contemporary art and illustration, advanced his career and brought it to new heights.

In 2008, IdN published his 300-page monograph bearing the title Pens Are My Friends. The monograph collates the first seven years of Burgerman’s professional career. The mini-book came with an accompanying DVD of films, animations and talks. In the same year, he was invited to the seminal BBC TV show Blue Peter, where he amazed his audience by drawing a mural doodle live on set. In 2009, he participated in the original The Underbelly Project. The project showcased the talent of selected artists in a secret incomplete century-old subway station deep underneath the New York City.

In addition to that he is involved in several leading international brand collaborations. Some of his notable clients include Nike, Sony, Pepsi, New Era, MTV and Puma. Moreover, he became part of multitude of exhibitions and events around globe, including Southbank Centre London, Madre Museum, Naples and Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona. A fourteen-piece series of collectable vinyl toy collection, ‘The Heroes of Burgertown’, was launched by Kidrobot to bring Burgerman’s artwork to public’s notice.

Subsequent to the publication of his monograph, Burgerman realized that it was time for him to embark on the second phase of his career, in the late 2010. He decided to relocate from England and settle in New York City after giving up all his belongings. His relocation was not driven by the idea of better life style or comfort. His decision was based on his desire to develop his artistic genius and to challenge himself. It was to create art independent of influence of media, familiar stylistic manner and from the idea of perfectionism. He longed to create a body of work that invited others to participate in and to share the feeling of creative empowerment with them. He was actively involved with his audience with his performance and intervention.

Besides art and designing, Burgerman was also into pop music, thus he created a pop-art band entitled Anxieteam. However, he had neither been a part of a music band before nor wrote any lyrics for one. During the four years, the band signed a contract with an independent record label. They performed across United Kingdom, America, Italy and Germany and their music is played on several radio stations in England.

Burgerman now independently performs, deliver keynote lectures and run creative workshops. The events, conferences and universities he attended include NYU, FIT New York, SVA School of Visual Arts and Red Dot Design Museum Singapore. In the recent years, Jon Burgerman created the artwork for The Great Hip Hop Hoax, a documentary film which premiered at the SXSW film festival, Texas. Moreover, he received the prestigious Cannes Lions Advertising award. The collection of his artwork is now showcased at Science Museum and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.